Tajikistan Climate

As a Central Asian mountainous country, Tajikistan is characterized by a harsh and extremely continental climate. It simply means that Tajik summers can be unbearably hot, while winters extremely freezing. Temperatures can differ here depending on the area’s altitude. InContinue reading

Tajikistan Mountains

Tajikistan attracts visitors from all over the world willing to follow the traces of the ancient merchants and pilgrims who roamed the Silk Route roads in the past. The mountain paths may be demanding, but it’s the best way toContinue reading

Tajikistan Food

Tajikistan cuisine reflects the way of life of all Central Asia inhabitants who cannot enjoy too many ingredients to prepare diversified dishes. The country is poor, and it is almost impossible to cultivate crop plants on its barren land. Tajikistan’sContinue reading

Religion in Tajikistan

The primary religion in Tajikistan and, at the same time, a part of its culture is Islam. The phenomenon of the country is that the Tajik constitution guarantees its citizens religious freedom while prohibiting citizens under 18 to practice their faith.Continue reading

Dushanbe – Tajikistan Capital

When traveling to Tajikistan, you might want to visit its capital, Dushanbe. Surprisingly, Dushanbe seems not to differ a lot from many other European capitals. However, if you go to the Tajik capital after exploring the other poverty-stricken Tajikistan regions,Continue reading

Tajikistan Population

Tajikistan is a country of beautiful people, hospitable and able to infatuate everyone. Experienced by the turbulent history and challenging present, they seem to enjoy their life living in poverty while appreciating the tiniest things. Crystal-clear water, fresh air, andContinue reading

What language is spoken in Tajikistan?

What language is spoken in tajikistan

Tajikistan is an inland country without sea access, situated in the heart of Central Asia, where the Pamir Mountain Range covers the majority of land’s area. The history of the country made a significant impact on the spoken languages inContinue reading

Where is Tajikistan located?

where is tajikistan located

GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION The Republic of Tajikistan is a small country located in Central Asia northwest of the Tibetan Plateau. Tajikistan borders two other former USSR countries, namely Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Citizens of two more countries are also Tajikistan’s neighbors. TheseContinue reading

About Tajikistan airports

Airports in Tajikistan

Tajikistan, a country of stunning mountain ranges, Nomads, flowing rivers, breathtaking lakes, and vast territory. It is a true heaven for nature and hiking lovers. In general, Central Asia is gaining increasing popularity among those who are thirsty for adventures. Tajikistan visitors attracted by mountain and desert landscapes situated in the very heart of Asia are willing to explore this great unknown. continue reading