Tajikistan tourist visa

Tajikistan tourist visa

Are you a tourist who prefers to go into the unknown rather than explore the most cliché travel destinations? Tajikistan, a country in the heart of Central Asia, should be then on your travel bucket list! The country of incredibly hospitable and open people, ubiquitous mountain scenery, and rich cultural tradition.

The majestic Pamir Mountain Range covers the majority of Tajikistan’s area. Hence, it is a perfect destination for mountain tourism lovers, both amateurs and experienced climbers. Tajikistan can also be an intriguing destination for culture lovers who want to experience one of the most exotic cultures in the world.

Keep on reading and find out how you can apply for your tourist visa and obtain all essential information on Tajikistan visas.

Do you need a visa to Tajikistan?

The government of Tajikistan requires that foreign travelers wishing to enter the country for tourism-related purposes are obliged to receive either an electronic visa or a regular visa before they arrive in Tajikistan. If you are not one of 10 countries visa-free (Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldovia, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan), you must get your Tajikistan visa!

Tourist e-Visa for Tajikistan

The electronic visa system is a great convenience for all tourists wishing to enter the country. The introduction of the system eliminated the necessity to wait on borderlines to obtain a visa for Tajikistan upon arrival. It’s great, especially because there is only one airport in the country that can issue such visas, it is Dushanbe Airport.

Over 200 countries can apply for e-visa in advance online. The citizens of the remaining ones, not listed among eligible countries, have to appear in the nearest embassy in person and go through the traditional application process.

What is worth mentioning, you can extend your visa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital city Dushanbe, but it doesn’t apply to tourist visas.

e-Visa holder can:

  • travel around the country for leisure purposes
  • enter the country once or multiple times (depending on the selected visa type) and stay there up to 60 days
  • use it within 3 months from the day it is issued
  • enter GBAO area – in case of upgraded version of e-visa
  • meet family members and friends being residents of Tajikistan
  • attend any business-related meetings
  • travel around the country for business purposes
  • make a stop when traveling to another country and explore Tajikistan


Tajikistan e-Visa types

Travelers to Tajikistan have the opportunity to choose from the following e-visa types:

  • single-entry – 69 EUR
  • multiple-entry – 99 EUR

Applicants granted any of those two electronic entry permits are authorized to stay maximally 60 days, while the validity period of both permits is 3 months (90 days).

Important note: mountain lovers and all those willing to explore the Pamir Mountains are required to obtain additional permits to enter the region. It’s possible to do it online by choosing the upgraded visa option in our application form.

Transit visa

As long as you are within the transit zone at the airport, you don’t need an e-visa. However, if you wish to see a piece of Tajikistan before heading to another country from your list, make sure you obtained your e-visa for tourism purposes. Without it, you will be unable to explore the country. Don’t miss such an opportunity and spend a few days in this extraordinary country!

e-Visa Application Process

To obtain your e-visa for Tajikistan, all applicants must go through three simple stages that are the same whatever visa type they decide to apply for:

  1. Enter your basic information such as travel purpose and nationality.
  2. Provide all other required information and pay for your electronic Tajikistan visa. (The price depends on the visa type you have chosen).
  3. Check if your payment was confirmed, you should receive a confirmation number. Up to 72 hours, you will receive a PDF file with your Tajikistan visa! That’s it!

e-Visa requirements

The e-visa requirements are as follows:

  • valid biometrical passport
  • invitation letter issued by the hosting Tajik company – applies only to business trips
  • electronic device to fill and submit an application form
  • reliable Internet access to complete the application process
  • active e-mail address to receive a PDF with your electronic visa
  • access to one of the available payment form to pay a visa fee
  • necessity to submit as many online applications as the number of people accompanying you for the Tajikistan adventure

What else do you need to do before traveling to Tajikistan?

Don’t forget to print out your e-visa and take it for your travel! Keep it close all the time as you will have to show it during the airport control.

Take also your passport with you! Please remember that it must be the very same document that is electronically linked to your e-visa, and it cannot expire within 6 months from the date of your arrival in the Republic of Tajikistan!

Safety in Tajikistan

Despite various incidents taking place in Tajikistan from time to time, including terrorist attacks, the country is a safe tourist destination. Tourists are never the target of these attacks. The crime rate is low, inhabitants are extremely friendly, while tourists are always welcome in Tajikistan. Travelers to Tajikistan can feel safe in the country. The only visible effect of rare incidents is a temporarily closed GBAO area (Pamir). It may happen if any dangerous situation occurs. The closing of this area aims to ensure the safety of tourists.

Benefits of using our services

  • well-qualified and experienced team of evisa experts
  • our consultants ready to answer all your questions and resolve any arising problems
  • just 3 steps of application to have your visa in your email inbox
  • only 72 business hours to get your electronic visa
  • no unnecessary paperwork
  • no embassy visits
  • simple Tajikistan tourist visa requirements
  • holders of e-visa can book a flight to whatever airport in the country, not only Dushanbe Airport
  • guarantee of service – if your application fails, we’ll reimburse your money.
  • application in the comfort of your home or whatever place on earth

Final words

In this young country, independent since 1991, one won’t see many globalization effects. So if you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can certainly find inner peace when exploring Tajikistan! Mountain lovers cannot forget to apply for a GBAO permit to enjoy the stunning landscapes of the Pamir mountains!

Are you even more eager now to travel to Tajikistan? Don’t waste your time and make your journey to the country in the heart of Asia possible! Grab your passport and apply for a Tajikistan visa! Remember to do it at least 3 days in advance!