Tajikistan visa cost

Tajikistan visa cost

Since the government of Tajikistan decided to introduce the online visa system for the number of foreigners traveling to the country, now obtaining the obligatory permit to enter Tajikistan can be straightforward and time-saving. Tajikistan e-Visa will arrive immediately in the applicant’s e-mail inbox in a PDF file upon its approval. As simple as that!

Use your electronic visa for a leisure or business trip or make a transit stop before reaching your final destination. Travel for maximally 60 days and explore this mysterious country that can offer its visitors more than one might think.

Submit your online application using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other electronic device.

There are only 3 steps that you need to follow to complete your application process:

  1. Select your travel purpose and start completing your application form, entering the required data. Type your name, surname, e-mail address, as well as passport details.
  2. Check if all the details entered are correct and submit your request. Cover the Tajikistan visa fee, and you will get your confirmation number.
  3. If approved, your electronic Tajikistan visa will arrive directly at your email inbox in a PDF form no later than 3 business days after submitting your online visa application.

Should you encounter any problems when filling the application form, feel free to contact our support team via mail or phone.

Table of Contents

  1. How much does an e-Visa to Tajikistan cost?
  2. How can applicants cover the Tajikistan e-Visa fees?
  3. Tajik e-Visa processing time
  4. Benefits of using our visa services to obtain your Tajik visa

How much does an e-Visa to Tajikistan cost?

Tajikistan two e-Visa types:
  • single-entry permit – 69 EUR/ 83 USD
  • multiple-entry permit – 99 EUR/ 118 USD

Both the single-entry and multiple-entry visas are valid for 3 months. The single stay of their holders in Tajikistan cannot extend 60 days.

The Republic of Tajikistan requires a separate authorization to enter the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region. It’s possible to upgrade your standard single or multiple-entry visa and add the permit to enter this region too. However, even the upgraded version of your e-visa doesn’t allow you to visit Lake Sarez, situated in the Pamir Mountains. Entering the lake territory means another obligatory entry permit to obtain.

How much is Tajikistan visa with GBAO entry authorization?
  • single-entry e-visa + GBAO permit – 99 EUR/ 118 USD
  • multiple-entry e-visa + GBAO permit – 129 EUR/154 USD

Tajikistan visa price varies depending on the particular type of visa and a chosen currency available in the application form. You can choose from the following foreign currencies: EUR, USD, CNY, RUB.

How can applicants cover the Tajikistan e-Visa fees?

Fortunately, covering the Tajikistan e-Visa fee isn’t a complicated process whatsoever. You will only need to have access to any online method of payment, and then your fee should be registered without any complications.

All e-visa applicants who have already submitted the online application can cover the visa fee (Tajikistan visa price depends on the currency and e-visa type). To do so, you will only have to choose any online payment method the most convenient to you.

You can use your credit or debit card, PayPal, or any other payment form available in our application form.

The moment your payment is registered, a confirmation number will arrive at your e-mail address.

Tajik e-Visa processing time

Once you cover the fee for your Tajikistan electronic visa and your online form was submitted, you can now create your itinerary plan. Our visa experts will handle the contact with the Tajiki government to obtain your entry permit to the country.

The processing time shouldn’t take longer than 72 hours. Remember that you should consider only business days when waiting for your e-visa.

Approved e-Visa to Tajikistan will be sent directly to your email. Download a PDF file, and don’t forget to print it out and take your e-visa paper version on your trip. The customs officials will ask you to present your visa and valid passport at the airport.

Travel to Tajikistan with an e-visa without unnecessary concerns about the required visa to enter the country! Using our services, you can be guaranteed that your traveling experience will be effortless!

Benefits of using our visa services to obtain your Tajik visa

Save your time and energy!

By applying online with us, you can save 85% of the time you would have to waste if you visit the Tajikistan Embassy to obtain a regular visa. In turn, the online application process takes up to 15 minutes and can be completed with any electronic device accessible for you and connected to the Internet.

We can guarantee:

  • a simple and quick application
  • the processing time maximally lasting 3 business days
  • possibility to obtain an electronic entry visa without leaving your house
  • our professional assistance throughout the whole application process
  • your e-visa arriving at your e-mail once approved
  • the SLL certificate confirming that your data are protected in the best possible manner