What is Tajikistan Visa?

What is Tajikistan VisaAre you a holidaymaker who has booked a ticket to Tajikistan and now is checking information on required documentation that a tourist has to obtain before leaving his or her country? Or maybe you have crucial business negotiations in Tajikistan next week to establish forward-looking cooperation, and you are afraid you won’t manage to get a visa for Tajikistan in a few days? Don’t panic. Stay here and get all the necessary information on what an electronic Tajikistan visa is and how easy and quick you can do it using an online application form available on our webpage.

About Tajikistan e-Visa

About Tajikistan VisaIn 2016 the Tajik government decided to facilitate and accelerate receiving electronic visas, allowing citizens of many countries to enter Tajikistan territory as a tourist or business destination. Since then, everyone being a holder of a valid passport of one of the countries entitled to an electronic Tajikistan visa can visit Tajikistan with this online travel document.

Tajikistan evisa functions as an electronic equivalent of regular business or tourist visas. There’s no need to go through a tedious traditional process of regular visa application in an embassy anymore. Check if your country is on the list, and plan your Tajikistan trip!

Do you need a visa to visit the Tajikistan country?

Only a few countries like Russia, Romania, and Georgia don’t need any entry permission. The other countries’ citizens who want to travel to Tajikistan have to obtain a required visa issued by a Tajik diplomatic mission located in their countries. Those nations listed among the eligible countries for Tajikistan e-visa can obtain this travel authorization by online application.

There are a few different types of Tajikistan visas. The visa requirements for particular visa types are determined by nationality, travel purpose, or stay duration.

How much is the Tajikistan e-visa?

The price can vary according to the currency and the chosen type of Tajikistan electronic visa.

Depending on how many times you plan to travel to Tajikistan, you can apply for either a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa. Their prices are 69 EUR or 99 EUR, respectively. Both visa types allow for traveling for tourism or business reasons and visiting relatives or friends.

There is a possibility to upgrade your visa to an additional permit to enter the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO). This region forms 45% of Tajikistan’s territory, with only 3 % of the whole population living there. Choosing this upgraded option required for the GBAO region, your visa’s cost will be 99 EUR for a single-entry type or 129 EUR for a multiple-entry visa.

Tajikistan e-Visa requirements

The only document required to make an application is a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of your planned journey. It is crucial to check its validity as in the event your passport expires, your e-visa will be invalid, and you can encounter some difficulties when entering Tajikistan.

If you are going to travel to Tajikistan, for example, to negotiate a contract, so the purpose of your trip is typically a business one, you may need to submit an invitation letter sent by a host company.

There are no additional documentation requirements for travelers who treat Tajikistan as a transit stop and don’t plan to leave the airport transit zone.

How to apply for the Tajikistan visa?

Obtaining Tajikistan evisa has never been easier for the citizens of various countries. There are actually three things required for evisa application process: prepare your valid passport, working device, and check your Internet connection! Only 3 simple steps of our application form separate you from receiving your Tajikistan travel document. You will be asked to provide some information on your personal data. Please be careful and check if everything that you typed in is correct. It will minimize the risk of an unsuccessful application. In the next stage, you will have to pay a visa fee. The price for a particular visa depends on a chosen visa type. Now, you just have to wait for your visa!

Important note: all children who travel with you will need separate online entry permits. Make sure that you obtained visas for them too.

How long does it take to get a visa for Tajikistan?

Application for a regular visa is a time-consuming process associated with filling out piles of papers. You will definitely have to come back to an embassy as it is unlikely to obtain a regular visa in one go. On the contrary, if you decide to apply for a Tajikistan visa online, the handling process will take up to a maximum of 72 hours, while going through the stages of the application form will not last more than 15 minutes.

Don’t postpone it and apply at least 3 business days before the planned travel to avoid unnecessary complications!

How to obtain an e-visa for Tajikistan?

The moment your visa application is positively processed, a PDF file with an electronic visa should arrive in your e-mail box. That is why it is required to provide your current e-mail address that you use daily to avoid overlooking the mail.

At every stage of your application, you can contact our support team to resolve any encountered problems.

The airport control officers will ask you to show your evisa linked to your passport. Please note that it is required to submit a paper version if the electronic system fails, so don’t forget to print it and pack it for your travel!

How long is the Tajikistan e-visa valid for?

An evisa to Tajikistan is valid for 3 months (90 days) starting from its issue date. The allowed period of time for which you can stay on the country’s territory is up to 60 days. Remember that your journey can be of tourism and business character and transit – if you are going to stop for a short time in Tajikistan and then travel to another country.

The citizens of countries granted online visas shouldn’t stay in Tajikistan longer than allowed 60 days beyond the travel document’s validity. If you want to avoid deportation, paying fines, or being banned from traveling to Tajikistan for a certain time period, don’t risk and apply for a new evisa for your next trip!

Electronic Tajikistan visa for business purposes can be prolonged. You can extend your travel authorization document at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe.

Unfortunately, an online tourist visa extension is impossible. The moment it becomes invalid, it is required to apply for a new tourist visa to continue visiting the country.

Final words

If you need a tourist visa or a business one, forget about wasting your time in an embassy. Prepare your passport, sit back in your chair and go to our application form for a visa to Tajikistan. Get your travel document and enjoy your problem-free dream trip to one of the best tourist destinations in the world!

Should you need more information on Tajikistan evisa, our dedicated support team is there to help you throughout the whole application process.