Tajikistan visa for US citizens

Tajikistan visa for US citizens
Tajikistan visa for US citizens

Are you a citizen of the United States who is traveling to Tajikistan soon? Use the electronic visa application form to obtain a required entry permit! Apply online within just a couple of minutes wherever you are. You will only need any working electronic device and Internet access to submit your request at any time.

Only a few basic visa requirements must be met by all US citizens applying online for a Tajikistan visa. Read ahead to find out what documents you need and how to complete the application process for your electronic Tajikistan visa successfully.

You can choose between two types of online entry authorizations; each one can be upgraded to enter the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region – a region requiring an additional entry permit.

Travel with e-visa to Tajikistan if you want to go on holidays, explore the country, visit family members or friends, deal with business matters, or stop there when traveling to your final destination.

Do US citizens need a visa for Tajikistan?

All US citizens are obliged to travel to Tajikistan with a visa. Moreover, the visa cannot expire during your trip. As it’s quite normal that your travel plans can change or something unpredictable may happen, your visa validity should be longer than your intended period of stay in Tajikistan.

Covid-19 update

Due to the current situation caused by the worldwide pandemic and constantly changing COVID-19 restrictions, before planning a Tajikistan trip, all travelers should go to the Embassy’s webpage to get reliable and current information regarding the requirements that must be met to enter Tajikistan.

Tajikistan e-Visa types and cost for all US citizens

The U.S. citizens willing to apply for Tajikistan electronic visa have two standard options to choose from. However, for each of these two types of electronic visas, an additional permit to enter GBAO can be granted.

Tajikistan two standard online visa types for all US citizens:

  • single-entry e-Visa – 83 USD
  • multiple-entry e-Visa- 118 USD

The validity of both e-visa types is 3 months, while e-visa holder is allowed to a single stay in the country for up to 60 days.

An authorization to enter the GBAO region can be added to both single and multiple entry visas. Please note that even the upgraded visa doesn’t allow its holder to visit Lake Sarez as another permit is required to go there.

The prices for two upgraded Tajikistan e-visas are as follows:

  • single-entry e-visa + GBAO permit – 118 USD
  • multiple-entry e-visa + GBAO permit- 154 USD

Please remember, you need a passport valid for at least 6 months ahead of your journey, whatever the e-visa type you decided to select!

Tajikistan e-Visa requirements for US citizens

The good news is there are no special requirements to apply for a Tajikistan online visa.

Every American user of an electronic visa system must have the following:

  • a passport valid for min. next 6 months
  • an invitation letter issued by a Tajik hosting company – for business travels only
  • an active e-mail address
  • a credit or debit card, or any other payment method to pay a visa fee

Dual Nationality Travelers

Dual citizens traveling to Tajikistan on the United States passport are also obliged to obtain a Tajikistan visa as the Tajik government doesn’t recognize double citizenship with the US. Those U.S-Tajik dual nationals without valid visas have to be aware of the potential problems during the airport control and possible consequences.

Transit to Russia Information

If Tajikistan is just a transit stop when traveling to Russia, you are required to obtain a separate Russian visa in advance since it cannot be issued upon your arrival. Don’t risk and avoid fines, arrest or ban on future travels to Russia.

How long does e-Visa to Tajikistan stay valid for?

Tajikistan e-visa’s validity period is 90 days starting from the date of its issuance. All travelers coming from the United States are allowed to stay in Tajikistan for up to 60 days.

Don’t overstay your e-visa! The stay longer than 60 allowed days may result in serious consequences, e.g., deportation, fine, temporary ban from entering Tajikistan, etc.

If you want to visit Tajikistan one more time, apply legally for another Tajikistan e-visa and plan your next trip!

How can US citizens apply for the Tajikistan e-Visa?

Similarly, like all other eligible countries for Tajikistan e-visa, US citizens have to follow just 3 simple steps of the application form.

Firstly, prepare your valid U.S. passport and start the application process by choosing your travel purpose. Please, be careful! e-Visa types can differ according to the permitted number of entries. Select the one suitable for you and click ‘Apply online.’

In the second step, you will be asked to enter the following information:

  • planned travel date
  • name and surname
  • date of birth
  • nationality
  • e-mail address
  • phone number
  • passport details

To maximize the chances that your e-visa will arrive at your e-mail without undue delay, it’s recommended to check all the provided data at least twice. Typos, misspelling, or similar mistakes are often why an applicant may encounter some difficulties to obtain an online visa, or the processing time can extend.

Pay your visa fee (the cost may vary depending on the currency and particular visa types) by choosing the most convenient online payment method for you. Make sure you have received the e-mail message with the confirmation number, and then all that remains is just waiting for your e-visa that can arrive even on the same day. Refresh your inbox and download the file. Don’t forget to print out your electronic visa and take it in the paper version on the plane!

How long does it take to get a visa for Tajikistan?

Contrary to the processing time for a regular visa at the Embassy of Tajikistan, online applicants can receive their electronic visas within only 72 hours (3 business days)!

By deciding to apply online, you will avoid unnecessary red tape and wasting time organizing an appointment in an embassy. Applying for a regular visa, you have to be aware that you will have to appear in person more than once.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to choose a more convenient option and apply online. We can guarantee that you don’t need more than 15 minutes to complete the application form.

It’s advisable to apply min. 3 business days prior to your intended journey date to avoid any possible obstacles to receive your electronic travel authorization.

Tajikistan e-Visa for US citizens upon arrival

There is only one type of Tajikistan visa for U.S. citizens, a tourist visa (T-visa), issued upon arrival at the International Airport in Dushanbe, Tajiki capital. American travelers cannot receive these tourist visas at any other airport or border checkpoint in Tajikistan. The T-visa is a single-entry permit that cannot be extended and is valid for a maximum of 45 days. It’s also possible to request a multiple-entry permit, but it entails the necessity to submit more details on your travel plans and the reasons behind your request.

Please note that it’s at the entire discretion of a particular airline to be allowed onboard without a visa to go to your travel destination. If you arrive at any other airport than in Dushanbe, you cannot request a visa upon arrival.

Benefits of applying for a Tajikistan e-Visa for all US citizens

Using our services, you can be granted the following benefits:
  • the expert team meticulously checking the correctness of all submitted application forms
  • our support team at your disposal via e-mail or phone throughout the whole e-visa application process
  • a simple 3-stage application form
  • e-visa arrival directly at your e-mail address in a PDF file
  • a very low probability of your application failure